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Do you need to be super fit to attend?

Absolutely not. AnyBody Fitness is all about being 100% inclusive. Whether you’re an avid gym goer or are starting working out for the first time, you are welcome!

Do you have to be a good runner?

Nope! Our bootcamps are all about variety. We won't make you run lap after lap. However if you want to start running we can help you with that too.

How hard will it be?

Our bootcamps are designed to challenge you. However, as with any workout, the more effort you put in, the harder it will be. It's only an hour of your day, so we like our members to really give it their all. Check out our You Tube Channel to see what we do


What if I have an injury?

As long as you have your doctors or physio's okay, we will help modify your session to fit around your injury.

Will I be sore after. If it's your first session, we won't lie to you - you're probably going to feel it for a couple of days afterwards. But after a while your body should get used to it. However, muscle soreness does not correlate with level of exertion - everyone is different.


What are the benefits of attending bootcamp?

Increased fitness levels, improved energy, weight loss, boosintg your immune system, new like minded friends, improved mental health... we could go on forever



How often should I go?

We recommend attending two bootcamps a week depending on how much you workout externally.

How do I pay?

You can pay as you go, pay monthly or buy a set number of sessions.  Check out our packages for more info


Do you accept card payment?

We do - and it accepts contactless!

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