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Weekend Warriors

Setting a target for yourself in the form of a race, event or activity is key to keeping you motivated and consistent in your approach to exercise.  For us, the emphasis is on having fun, exploring new places and spending time with friends. This is why we created 'Weekend Warriors'

Getting back to nature is at the heart of everything we do, whether it's Trail Running, Hiking, Kayaking, Cycling or any other outdoor adventure. In our opinion there is no better place to be than the great outdoors, so we want to provide you with many ways to join us and challenge yourself.

We have compiled and will continue to update a  selection of amazing races and activities that are accessible to everyone and designed to help you achieve your goals.  We will also be training and taking part alongside you, providing you with all the support and laughs you need to get you through. 

Join the team and we will guide you on your chosen adventures with training plans and advice. You will be able to participate in regular park runs and scheduled meet-ups to prepare you for your next event. There has never been a better time to move out of your comfort zone and embrace new things.

If you are interested in joining the team for an adventure, take a look at the events we currently have planned, they are open to anyone and are often multi-distance. You can choose your level and they are always guaranteed fun. 

If you're still unsure, get in touch and we'll help you start your journey.


Each year we will arrange a trip that takes us away to a location in Europe for a race weeeknd to remember.  Last year we visited Germany for the Rennsteiglauf Trail Marathon and Half Marathon and this year we will be travelling to Aurillac in France for the Ultra Trail Du Puy Mary Aurillac where we will be entering the Trail de La Jordanne (28K) and the Grand Trail Du Lioran (50K)

It's a multi distance race meaning you can choose your distance and by coming with us on our Weekend warrior events in the UK, you'll be  training for the main event in June.

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