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My journey with health and fitness began all the way back in 1998. I was your typical party girl and you could often find me downing a few pints at the bar and finishing up at the kebab van at the end of a night out. I had always been a binge eater of junk food ever since I could get my hands on it. I used to spend all my money on sweets, chocolate and crisps, and wait until everyone was out of the house to enjoy my secret binge.


Looking back, I can now see that I used food and alcohol to change my state of mind and stop me taking a long hard look at myself. Being the fun, slightly crazy person with no real expectation of myself was easy and kept me from boredom. I came to realise how uncomfortable with myself I must have been; never wanting to spend time alone unless with junk food and always wanting to be around the next party or night out.



After a lot of weight gain and a desire to change, I went for my first run - a short 1k - and promised myself that I would try and beat how far I could go, every day.

 It wasn't long before I became addicted to the challenge of running and also being outdoors. I felt so much better and for once I was achieving something positive for myself, it was very empowering.

The start of my career in health and fitness was just around the corner when I landed my first job as a receptionist working on the health and fitness desk at Cambridge YMCA. I fitted in to what can only be described as my work family very quickly and thrived on the positive atmosphere. My colleagues believed I could achieve so much more than I knew and made it possible for me to complete my exercise to music exam.

My passion for training others was born and I wanted to learn everything I could about healthy living - so I did. I fell in love with making connections with other people and helping them achieve their own goals. It's still the favourite part of my job today.

Over the last 20 years I have worked in Health clubs, Independent Gyms and ran my own fitness classes. Having 2 children along the way gave me the motivation and drive to stay fit and healthy whilst also gaining the qualifications and experience to start my own business.

Finally, I launched my own outdoor fitness classes and personal training company in 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

Sean and I have created a way of life that is worthy of sharing. We want people to know that you don't have to give up a life of fun to be fit and healthy.

After one too many hangovers and a body growing at a ridiculous rate, I finally decided to do something different.


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